Innerstrength Health


Concepting, research, planning, & design


iOS, Android, & Web

Innerstrength Health is a HealthTech company who are on a mission to help facilitate health professionals in prescribing, delivering and monitoring personalised programmes of education and exercise for patients. They have two apps - TickerFit & Hacka Health.

TickerFit supports patients in both the primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease in primary care and general practice.

While Hacka Health has been developed to support children and young people living with long-term conditions including CF (Cystic Fibrosis). The platform enables children and young people take control of their healthcare while being supported by their healthcare team and parents/guardians via the technology.

Key problems, goals, & objectives

The Innerstrength team approached me with a number of problems and goals: to help improve the overall user experience, discover more ways to engage users within the app, and establish a new visual direction for the brand and their apps.

The team had already collected direct user feedback which highlighted a number of issues/areas that we directed our focus on. These issues included:

- Setting up routines took a lot longer than necessary
- Most users had received no feedback/recognition within the app when they submitted their progress or exercise
- Users were not actively or continuously engaging with the app
- Users did not know when the app had last synced with their wearable devices
- Users found the visual design a bit boring in comparison to other apps they were using on a daily basis

With that, we kicked off our design audit and discovery phase…

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Plan, design, test, & iterate

During the discovery phase, I dissected all parts of the app to gain an understanding of its function and also of the general usability.

I conceived various UX changes that could help improve general navigation, I discovered ways to speed up creating routines and logging exercises, and I identified the areas that could be personalised to the user.

In terms of user engagement, we floated the idea of a points reward system, played with avatars, badges, and rewards. I explored visual design changes to help improve the user interface design to be more simple and fun, and on-brand.

Over the following weeks, with the team, we broke these concepts into key areas to improve, and started working on the big-ticket items and also found some simple quick-wins along the way that we could implement quite easily.

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What we delivered

While working closely with the team over the last few months, we have delivered a full overhaul of the app. We set goals of making the app simple, fun, and engaging and we have achieved that with what we have shipped.

We reconstructed all of the signup and onboarding flows, simplified creating routines and logging exercise & activity, added a new “Inbox” feature for 1-1 communication between parents and physicians, and introduced all-new visual design to the app - which has brought a much fresher and more fun feel.

While the TickerFit updates are hitting the app stores in Oct 2018, Hacka is now in a trial period with clinics in the US.

Right now, we’re shifting our focus to how we can make the experience better for the parents and physicians.

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